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Lisa DeLay

“Everybody thinks that you must always be consistent in your beliefs and cling to them above all else. But, we suspend our beliefs all the time when engage with art (like a movie or play). So, maybe we should hold our core values well (such as kindness and honesty) but habitually suspend our beliefs so we can empathize with others and be open in important ways to imagination and innovation.”


Cressona, PA United States

Professional title:

Twice-weekly broadcaster

What do you do?

I create things, write about things, talk about things I'm learning, and record my conversations with interesting people and people tune in to hear it.


I am fundamentally passionate about the human experience, consciousness, and what it means to live a full, blessed, and meaningful life. I enjoy creating things everyday, staying curious, asking questions, and finding ways to not be afraid even about things people don't like to ordinarily think or talk about. People are the best and the worst thing ever and I wonder what this existence stuff is all about. Do we just keep waking up?

What should we read?

"The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


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