Samantha Alvarez

“Wherever I go, there I am. So I might as well bring myself along consciously, instead of stumbling around in the dark and stubbing my toe against my own self when I arrive.”


Tainan, Taiwan

Professional title:

Recruitment Specialist at Trialfacts Brisbane, QLD, Australia + MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) Clinical Instructor, Walden University Boston, MA, USA + Instructor of Life & How to Live It at Udemy + Family Nurse Practitioner at Marana Health Center Tucson, AZ, USA + The Mindful Polyglot

What do you do?

I live fully in the present moment, communicate sincerely and share strategies and techniques for how to design and live a meaningful life.


I love sharing knowledge, skills and strategies with other people and watching the aha light bulb flash on over their head. I derive immense satisfaction and joy from heart-to-heart communication.

What should we read?

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - one of the greatest live your truth, see your truth, find your truth stories ever written