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Vivian Lee

“That thing that you do, after your day job, in your free time, too early in the morning, too late at night. That thing you read about, write about, think about, in fact fantasize about. That thing you do when you’re all alone and there’s no one to impress, nothing to prove, no money to be made, simply a passion to pursue. That’s it. That’s your thing. That’s your heart, your guide. That’s the thing you must, must do. -Jes Allen”


Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America

Professional title:

Clinical Case Manager / Primary Therapist

What do you do?

I'm a mental health therapist at a residential treatment center for eating disorders.


Everyone deserves the chance to thrive, not just survive, and to do so in a body that is healthy, happy, and free from the stress of eating and weight concerns.

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