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Anna Laube

“"Truth is a state of being which arises when the mind--which seeks to divide, to be exclusive, which can think only in terms of results, of achievement--has come to an end. Only then will there be truth. The mind that is making effort, disciplining itself in order to achieve an end, cannot know truth, because the end is its own projection, and the pursuit of that projection, however noble, is a form of self-worship. Such a being is worshipping him/herself, and therefore s/he cannot know truth. Truth is to be known only when we understand the whole process of the mind, that is, when there is not strife." -J. Krishnamurti with my de-sexism-ifying”


Madison, WI United States

Professional title:

Singer | Songwriter | Producer | Yogi | Foodie |

What do you do?

I transform words and chords into songs and recordings. I am a student of truth and love and life. I like food and trees.


I make music because I love it. I study yoga because I love it. I eat food because I love it. I always try to love what I do. I'd probably love you, too!

What should we read?

"Expecting Adam" by Martha Beck


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