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Mike Reynolds

“1. God is generous to the point of what we would think of as frivolity. Our love and creativity should do likewise. By this, we imitate God. 2. "If you will stop talking about it and stop thinking about it, there is no limit to what you can know." -Zen (Chan) proverb”


Orlando, FL United States

Professional title:

Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Instructor-Central Florida Neijia Academy

What do you do?

I explore the traditional Chinese arts and share what I find with others.


Chinese medicine gave me a Way of Nourishing Life. Chinese martial arts gave me a Way of Refinement. Chan and Daoism gave me a Way of Perceiving. I want others to benefit from these things.

What should we read?

"Let It R.A.I.N." by Rick Hanson, PhD


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