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Charles Lau

“There are always two sides in everything we do. Good or bad. Up and down. Left and right. Black and white. Blue and red. Whenever we achieve something in life, we should also look out for something that we have lost. Vice versa, whenever we lost something in life, we should also look at what we have achieve as well. This is how I handle situations, which effectively take away all the negativity thoughts and bring my focus on progression.”


Singapore, Singapore

Professional title:

Digital Marketing Manager at Epson Southeast Asia

What do you do?

I am an experienced MNC digital marketer who helps companies discover digital sales and marketing possibilities for their business units, works out appropriate digital sales and marketing strategies together and then executes based on agreed plans with our in-house and outsourced resources.


I found this "calling" after every section of my life forms up nicely for me to do digital marketing. Before I am doing what I am doing today, I used to study software engineering, network computing and enterprise development. I eventually worked in startups and then into Marcom environment which builds me up to be who I am today.

What should we read?

Meatball Sundae by Seth Godin


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