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Robert May

“You can enjoy a lot of things and get a lot of things done through balanced and disciplined scheduling. It doesn't have to be all that rigid if you're committed to the core things that need to get their due regular attention. Seeing regular movement on the things you want to be doing also helps you get through the more mundane things that need to be done - schedule both!”


San Francisco, California, United States of America

Professional title:

Principal of dvp Umbrella, dba: Fractional Farthing (distribution) Atomic Mouse Recordings (music microlabel) Secular Pineapple (music microlabel) Self Propulsion Laboratory (music microlabel) Standard Deviation Music (music publishing) 11p/POPE (events) dvp Publishing (print publishing) dvpds (outside digital services) Active bands/acts: Chord, X-Bax, Dots (as Phil Dole, drone/experimental guitar) iGod, Diorama (as iGod, electronics, sounds) El Demento (as El Demento, post-punk singer/songwriter) Deviant & the GMOs (as Deviant, guitar & vocals, rock misfit) Naked & Shameless, Dave Shameless (as Dave Shameless, roots reprobate)

What do you do?

I help give life to creative things that need to be, but sometimes I just make bad ideas happen.


I think I come from a belief that I have no real business interjecting my thoughts and aesthetics into the world, but I do it anyway out of a sheer sense of mischief. I also advocate for others who are driven to be seen/heard but don't have an obvious outlet or reference point.

What should we read?

“How Music Works” by David Byrne. “The Plot to Seize the White House: The Shocking True Story of the Conspiracy to Overthrow FDR” by Jules Archer