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Mario Sanchez Carrion

“There is a huge gap between what we think we know and what we actually know. It is easy to confuse having theoretical or superficial with actually being good at something. When we think we already know something the next step should be to challenge ourselves to build something. Nothing like rubber-meets-the-road execution to test how much we really know.”


Miami, FL United States

Professional title:

Product Marketing Manager and Front-End Web Developer in training.

What do you do?

International product marketing manager by day, front-end web development student on nights and weekends.


I want to make the transition into web development and programming. I am also interested in data visualization and visual story telling.

What should we read?

Rework (by Jason Fried), Anything You Want (by Derek Sivers), The Ikarus Deception (by Seth Godin).


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