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Antonio Herrero Estévez

“Recently I date a Ukrainian model, maybe the most beautiful girl I have ever date. I guess is the wish of many people, dating a beautiful person, righ? So, you know what I discovered? I thought that when you date a, let´s say, normal average beauty person, your mind was always expecting something better, and if I finally date a super beauty, my mind maybe would stop searching. Are you following me? Ok. So, when you date a super duper beauty person, your mind act the same way. Your mind ALWAYS wants more. No matter if you are millionaire, if you are with 75 models, or if you have 5 big houses. Would you like to know why our brains works like that? Because material things are finite, but our consciousness is infinite. So if you want to get satisfy, you need to work on your consciousness, not in the material things. ”


Madrid, Spain

Professional title:

Apprentice of: SEO, Exponential thinking, Meditation, Yoga, Traveling, Motivation, Writing

What do you do?

I try to understand myself everyday a little more. How? Trought meditation, doing things that scare me, traveling, observing.


I write because I want to share what I have learn, showing to the readers that life is much more amazing that they can even imagine. I work on affiliate marketing because is a place like any other place to make money and to grow as a person. The field is not important, what I do and how I do it is what matters to me. I do meditate everyday and go to vipassana retreats because I truly want to discover what humans beings are. I read books about meditation, business, yoga, and so on, because I want to get closer of what I love trought the eyes an experience of others who were here before me.

What should we read?

Let my say two: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza, and Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda