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Steven Irby

“You don't need a million dollars to travel the world and live very very well. Also, getting someone to click a buy button on a website is hard!”


Portland, OR United States

Professional title:

Software Engineer / Wantrepreneur

What do you do?

I travel the world one city at a time, hoping to add value whenever / wherever I can, and hope to inspire others to follow their dreams and passion.


I live to travel and see new places. My whole life, my dream was to travel the world. I originally went to college for International Relations, I actually wanted to be a diplomat stationed in another country, learning another language, and representing my country. I ended up becoming a software engineer instead; go figure! I ended up finding a way to travel and work though. Now I'm slowly making my way around the world.

What should we read?

“The power of habit” - you can't make your dreams come true, without habits moving towards them. Also


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