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Christina Gillmore

“Humans are the most magnificent species, and just like the lotus grows best in the mud.”


Wellington, New Zealand

Professional title:

Researcher, explorer-ess, counsellor.

What do you do?

I reframe and research trauma, particularly childhood sexual abuse; and how people innately use forms of resilience and posttraumatic growth.


Because I don't accept the narrative that those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and trauma are 'broken'. Therefore, my lifelong aim is to explore and discover how resilience and posttraumatic growth works in those who have experienced CSA and more forms of trauma. Amplify strengths.

What should we read?

The Gift of Therapy by Irvin D. Yalom // The Heroic Client by Barry L. Duncan, Scott D. Miller, Jacqueline A. Sparks // Person-Centered Counselling in Action by Brian Thorn and Dave Mearns // Aroha's Way: a children's guide through emotions by Craig Phillips