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“Our lives are defined by a handful of seemingly random decisions. Almost all rules are arbitrarily created by other humans. Realising the previous point allows you to become sentient.”


London, England, United Kingdom

Professional title:

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur.

What do you do?

I obsess about automating human labour.


When I was younger, I imagined a world where people did not have to work for the sake of working, worry about money or possessions, and were free to pursue their interests. Over the years, I kept coming back to this vision and wondered whether it was just a simplistic world view or a realistic concept. While we haven't achieved this objective yet, and we never might, this line of thinking has been my North Star when approaching problems or making life decisions. Software just happens to be the tool du jour to achieve this goal.

What should we read?

Anything by Yuval Noah Harari.