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Neil Ball

“Recently I have realised that people are told that they should do what they are passionate about. And whilst this is true to some extent I think it is far to general a statement to make. Often people will follow this advice and set up a business only to discover that they have to get involved in lots of things that they hadn’t considered and they don’t enjoy and which prevents them concentrating on the thing that they are passionate about. I believe that you passion should not be about the ‘what’ or the ‘how’ but it should be about the ‘why’.”


Bolton, Lancs United Kingdom

Professional title:

Podcaster Business Coach Business Consultant Mentor Speaker

What do you do?

I help people discover and unleash their inner entrepreneur to achieve their dreams I help business owners to reduce blind spots and maximize profits I show businesses how to use direct response marketing to increase their ROI on advertising I provide business owners with strategies to orchestrate more referrals I facilitate masterminds to allow business owners to learn and share ideas and solutions


I help people discover and unleash their entrepreneur because there isn’t enough encouragement provided in education and afterwards. After being an entrepreneur for over 20 years I want to share my knowledge and help others to benefit from what I have learned. Entrepreneurs are the unsung heroes of our society and yet they are mainly unnoticed. I want to show people that the entrepreneurs are the people who create innovation, employment, wealth etc and they should be applauded and supported for the risks they take and the benefits they provide.

What should we read?

The Experience Economy by B. Joseph Pine II, James H Gilmore


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