Anael Verdier

“You are allowed to be who you are, in all your vulnerabilty and doubts and shortcomings, and not feel apologetic about it (but work on bettering yourself nonetheless). You don't have to have mastered life at 34, or at any age, we are all learners for as long as we breathe. As long as we remember these two things, we'll be fine.”



Professional title:

Writer maker & writer

What do you do?

I tell stories and teach writers how to reach their maximum authenticity and originality in their writing.


I love stories. I love writing. I love changing people and creating emotions and thoughts in them, some of which might contribute to making them live a more fulfilled life. I also love the grind and storytelling brings me to that place a lot.

What should we read?

Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters by John Steinbeck as it reminds us that no matter how masterful we are, we are all still just humans and painting the bedroom will take our energy away even when we are a literature nobel prize winner.