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Francesco Zorzi

“Become who you really are, I have always loved this statement and as far as i am concerned I am discovering that it happens a little piece at time, only when you lose yourself in doing things that you love unconditionally”


Tuscany, Italy

Professional title:

Illustrator and visual designer, creative director at

What do you do?

I keep my soul free using colors, shapes, patterns, typos and everything that helps to turn ideas into visual thinking. illustration and visual design, mostly. I have been featured amongst the "200 Best Illustrators Worldwide" by Luerzers Archive, in the "2015 American Graphic Design Awards" by GD Usa, and in the forthcoming 2016 edition of the "3X3 Illustration Directory", my illustrations have been recognized by Creative Quarterly and Juxtapoz magazine, and have been featured in The New York Observer, The Boston Globe, Advertising Age. I am in charge of the creative dept. of which I co-founded


I love to create illustrations because I love the challenge to concentrate the essence of a whole story in a strong meaningful image. I love to create illustrations because I am curious to find new points of view and because I love to talk to my inner child as much as I can

What should we read?

"Six Memos for the Next Millennium" by Italo Calvino


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