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Cedric Douglas Clitheroe

“Consistency is king, but there are different flavors. I do consistency like a River. Meandering, rolling, fast, slow, but always flowing.”


Sisters, OR United States

Professional title:

Primarily, Soul Tracker. Which is my own flavor of life coaching. I am also a professional Jeweler/Goldsmith.

What do you do?

I work with motivated folks on self awareness, esteem, love, and purpose, so they can kick ass, make their dreams come true, and change the world.


I do my Soultracking life coaching work because I love helping others find a deep connection with themselves. Plus, healthy Selves build healthy Tribes. Real tribes. The diverse, interconnected, supportive kind that will change the world

What should we read?

Daniel Quinn's "Beyond Civilization" or Patrick Rothfus' "Name of the Wind"


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