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Cris Ramos

“Taking action & just doing it will surpass sitting on your ass and figuring out your passion.”


Miami, FL United States

Professional title:

Creative Writer

What do you do?

I write stories, some of which are about being 28. I freelance and turn ideas into interactive marketing. I also have a rad blog about travel and taking a mind, body, soul approach to life.


I discovered myself through stories, so now I tell them to do the same for other people. Also, I don't know any other way to solve something than to write through it. I turn ideas into interactive marketing because it's fun, i'm good at it & it's a sweet paying gig. I blog about travel & a mind, body, soul approach to living because it helps remind me to wake up, smell the roses & appreciate my life.

What should we read?

Big Magic by Liz Gilbert


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