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Nathan Lustig

“Don’t share anything publicly that’s not providing value for other people. It’s going to be tempting to show off or to be mean online. Don’t do it. Value your privacy in this increasingly non private world. taken from here:


, Wisconsin, United States of America

Professional title:

Managing Partner, Magma Partners - a seed stage startup investment fund in Santiago, Chile.

What do you do?

I help founders originally based in Latin American build startups and help them connect to clients, partners and investors in the US and Europe.


I had so many people who helped me on with my first startups and now I get to give back. Helping guide new startup founders along the path of creating something from nothing is incredibly fun and is especially rewarding in Latin America where the startup ecosystem is just starting to be built.

What should we read?

“You are not a gadget” - Jaron Lanier. “Supersad True Love Story” - Gary Steygardt. The AI and Fermi Paradox articles on Wait But Why - Tim Urban -