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Attila Bujdoso

“We need to bring more design expertise into social systems., The culture of social decision-making is a design challenge. (OK, that's from Dan Hill.), Motivation architecture describes
 the interrelation of participants, 
their motivations and contributions
 to others and to the collective efforts in any social system., Everything is a matter of motivation., Doing things together is just better.”


Budapest, Hungary

Professional title:

Cofounder at

What do you do?

I create tools—technical, cultural or social—for cooperation and collaboration.


I am interested in how people achieve more and better together. I think the way people cooperate and collaborate, the technology and culture of collaboration, is increasingly important these times.

What should we read?

"Gaming Literacy: Game Design as a Model for Literacy in the Twenty-First Century" - by Eric Zimmerman "The Wealth of Networks" - by Yochai Benkler