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Terry Lin

““Life is a test and you pass if you can be true to yourself. To get the first question correct, all you have to know is who you are. A life is just one letter away from a lie.””


Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Professional title:

Founder of a podcast called Build My Online Store, a show that I’ve been hosting and producing since 2012. It was one of the first e-commerce podcast starting out, and we now get around 15,000-20,000 downloads every month. Outside of that I also help other e-commerce stores with their email marketing and blog content. I also run my own store Baller Leather where I sell ultra-slim handmade Italian leather wallets for men.

What do you do?

I help e-commerce stores and brands with their online marketing.


It bring me joy to improve someone’s situation, life, or business.

What should we read?

“The Truth: An Uncomftortable Book About Relationships” by Neil Strauss