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Karen Ellis

“K12 interdisciplinary #STEAM video projects evidence K12 skills and show proof of work. Projects use #hashtags so that the nation can find out projects being done through out the United States.”


Philly, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Professional title:

CEO,Founder Educational CyberPlayGround,® Inc.

What do you do?

I published the first text file of K12 websites ever made that appeared on the internet. The Educational CyberPlayGround built, and hosted the database until the present.


Public Folklore Project built with Drupal that allow every K12 School website have their own information page where students can link to their online video project to show proof of work and evidence their skills.

What should we read?

Transdisciplinarity - the future doesn't fit into a single discipline. We are useful, we provide a service, and relevant content that people want to know. Everything we do, reflects our belief in challenging the status quo, by showing you the big picture, the history of how it came to be. ~ Karen Ellis