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Jayson J. Phillips

“Success in life isn't about what you achieved - it's about how you achieved it. While society loves to put someone on a pedestal, it never lasts. So screw the pedestal and live the journey you can be proud of as you go. ”


Oakland, CA United States of America

Professional title:

Director of Engineering, Trilogy Online @ 2U Inc. || Partner, Carbon Fibre Ltd, a creative consultancy || Breakpointt Studio LLC

What do you do?

I instruct, mentor and develop the next wave of engineers through continuing education while managing the group of engineers who build the platform those students use to learn.


Teaching is important to me because I started my web development career w/o much formal CS education - I want folks to know they can succeed whilst traveling a “non-traditional” to get there. Management is fulfilling. I find more purpose and effectiveness in positively helping teams of engineers deliver great experiences.

What should we read?

The Decision Book: 50 Models for Strategic Thinking: