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Jayson J. Phillips

“Success in life isn't about what you achieved - it's about how you achieved it. While society loves to put someone on a pedestal, it never lasts. So don't chase the pedestal - instead, travel a journey you can be proud of each destination along the way.”


Oakland, CA United States of America

Professional title:

Director of Engineering, Online Bootcamps @ 2U Inc. Founder, Breakpointt Studio LLC Partner, Carbon Fibre Ltd, a creative consultancy

What do you do?

I teach students how to shift their careers into technology via programming and data visualization bootcamps, I write software for humans of all places, and I run a lot.


I teach because I broke into engineering with few mentors and no formal training. I manage teams that build software because mentoring the development of people and their careers is fulfilling. I run because... for some reason, I enjoy it, even though I don't think running the types of races I do is sane.

What should we read?

The Decision Book: 50 Models for Strategic Thinking: