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JJ Pryor

“The societal problems stemming from the concept of binary thinking and tribalism have constantly been on my mind for the last couple of years--but I have yet to put key to board on the subject. ”


South, Taiwan

Professional title:

Currently creating all kinds of content and exploring SEO alongside it. Formerly a tech product strategist and finance specialist in former careers

What do you do?

I dive deep into subjects that interest me and share with anyone who wants to read them. Also, I sometimes write ridiculous short humor articles for the fun of it.


I enjoy sharing knowledge with people that are interested. Sometimes it's really useful, sometimes it's just a quirky subject that most people don't know about. I figure that if I'm interested, someone else amongst this giant planet of ours might be too--so why not share?

What should we read?

Freakonomics or Malcolm Gladwell books are highly interesting to me.