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Elliot Ali

“I've trusted Marie Kondo's test of whether things spark joy as a measure for their place in my life for a while now. It works, and it works on most things. You won't overindulge, because that wouldn't spark joy. I find trusting my gut, especially to bring balance to my brain and sense of obligation has helped improve my life a lot.”


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Professional title:

Engineering Director & Founder

What do you do?

I help people to flourish, and to bring ideas to life.


I have loved building things, bringing ideas to life, since I was put in front of Lego. I especially love finding shortcuts for other people, making their lives easier, delighting them a little. These things have combined over time, and branched into non-techy things too.

What should we read?

Comfort: food to soothe the soul by John Whaite