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Andreas Avdoulos

“"Perfect Practice makes Perfect". It's not good enough to just do something thinking you'll be better. If you're not doing the right thing what you learn will not be..well...right! ”


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Professional title:

Past world-traveling photographer and small cafe owner. Writing my first book currently.

What do you do?

I'm working on being a better version of myself daily. Owning past F ups and being a great dad to my three kids. Writing a book now, after 20 years of thinking "I should write a book".


Teach myself how to read music again. Play mediocre level flamenco Guitar by 50 years old. Publish a book or two just for fun.

What should we read?

Josh Korda OPT OUT. Really easy to read. Felt honest and personal. Still reading, re-reading, and listening to Dr Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules. SO much goodness in there but it's a BIG book to digest.