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Shea Meyers

“A man is watching circus workers unload elephants and noticed that they only stick a single spike with a chain attached to keep the elephants from running off. "How can you possibly think one spike is enough. The elephant could just rip the spike out of the ground and run away." "It could, but when the elephants are young they can't rip the spike out of the ground and for the rest of their lives they never try again."”


Voorburg, Netherlands

Professional title:

Web Developer

What do you do?

I develop Web Applications


I've always enjoyed making things. I decided to go into Software and Web Development for two reasons: 1. Unlike many other professions, you don't need large, expensive equipment or raw materials to create something, you just need a computer. 2. Showing off your creation is as easy as saying "go to this site"

What should we read?

The Power of Now or A New Earth. Both are by Eckhart Tolle.