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Abdul-Jabbar Bozdar

“It's always beneficial to be where you should be at that exact time. Three hours too soon is better than a minute too late. Putting something off just because you are down, returns null, and there is no exception to failure then. Get up and you can make it! Everything else is a crime.”


Islamabad, Pakistan

Professional title:

Software Engineer

What do you do?

I make software to help individuals and business to grow to their maximum potential.


I make software because it can be benefited by the people around the world. In the past 10 years, digital systems have revolutionalized the world and people have come closer and more integrated beyond race and religion. Therefore, I like to be at the digital edge as a professional to keep the bond tight.

What should we read?

* Bridge to the Soul by Rumi (A. J. Arberry) * Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan * The Pragmatic Programmer by Andy Hunt