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Laurie Walczak

“For my students, I try to be the person I needed when I was in 8th grade -- I try to be who they need. They make me the best possible version of myself.”


Milwaukee, WI United States

Professional title:

Middle School American Studies English and Tower Hour (MakerSpace/Capstone Projects) Teacher and Middle School English Department Chair

What do you do?

I try to help my students become the best possible versions of themselves.


I love the heck out of 8th graders. They drive me insane just about 100% of the time, but I love them. You just have to treat everything like it's the end of the world -- because to them, it is. And, truly, life with them is way more fun than life among adults.

What should we read?

Mindset by Carol Dweck. Is it ok to say Harry Potter here?


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