Andrei Clinciu

“My recent epiphany is the powerful connection between somatic health and global well-being. A healthy nervous system is the foundation for a healthy mind and body. Imagine if everyone dedicated just a few minutes a day to somatic education (20 minutes). We could see a ripple effect: reduced stress, reduced pain, improved mental clarity, and a more empowered and connected global population. This could lead to a surge in creativity, better problem-solving, and a shift towards a more sustainable future for our planet. It's an ambitious vision, but somatic education offers a powerful and accessible path to get there.”


Brasov, Brasov, Romania

Professional title:

Somatic Movement Educator & Software Engineer | Bridging Wellness & Technology | LinSublim Founder

What do you do?

I bridge the gap between science-backed somatic education and software development to empower tech professionals (and office workers) to thrive at work.


I truly believe that somatic education can revolutionize how we approach well-being in today's office world. Sitting for long hours and constant pressure take a toll on our bodies and minds. With LinSublim, I want to make it easy for everyone, especially those in high-stress fields like software development, to access these powerful tools. By incorporating just a few minutes of LinSublim's program daily, people can experience reduced stress, improved posture, reduce pain, and a calmer nervous system, leading to a happier, healthier, and more productive workday.

What should we read?

Some of books I had recommended in the past could still be usefull today. I've changed my whole perspective on life. Thus any recommendation would have to be considered based on each person's unique needs. I'll leave one book which is the starting point to exploring a whole new world: The Body of Life: Creating New Pathways for Sensory Awareness and Fluid Movement - Thomas Hanna