Chris Danilo

“We know that education is a huge political battleground. The truth is that there are no sides, there is only power. We've set up our country (the USA) for corporations to run it. So, setting up young children for success doesn't mean changing the nuanced, convoluted monolith of public education, but instead investing solutions in urban development, early care, and the very real future of work.”


Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Professional title:

Education Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker

What do you do?

I help schools and early care providers develop 21st century skills like emotional intelligence and leadership.


There are smart kids out there who aren't succeeding in school--I was one of them. It's not about "what" you know anymore. Our future leaders must be resilient, self-aware, and focused. They deserve it.

What should we read?

Stop Stealing Dreams by Seth Godin