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Cecilia Macaulay

“'This should work!' is a miserable dead end. 'How can I make this work? is an infinite game, and new friends will appear to play it with you.”


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Professional title:

Zen declutter Designer

What do you do?

I get unseen obstacles in your home life to disappear, through design workshops and hands-on harmonizing. No rules, just patterns, based on Permaculture and ecosystem thinking. It's not magic. Nature isalready miraculous, and so are we, once we get into our flow.


I saw in Permaculture ways to design around my shortcomings. Now I get to be the hero and share the systems I curated with others, for a life of love.

What should we read?

No Bad Parts by Richard Schwartz. There is a whole 'family', or 'village' of characters inside us, as there should be, to give us strength in a changing world. Dr. Schwartz shows me how to calm my 'inner troublemakers', those impulses that think they are helping. As for my 'outer troublemakers', the annoying people in this world: I'm naturally looking at them with curiosity now, and this often turns to tenderness.