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Cathy Grier

“My life has been a metaphor of a sweater I created over many years, my wander tour is to unravel it and recycle the yarn for something completely new. Challenging yet satisfying. Can’t worry about details. Will be interesting to see what I create.”


Sturgeon Bay, WI United States of America

Professional title:

Singer/songwriter, musician, film editor, lo-fi, hi human content short documentarian, all around troubadour, DIY label, managing all aspects until I find the right team to collaborate with.

What do you do?

I perform in public spaces to help bring live music into the urban context. I document these experiences in my video series The Inspiration Project. It’s my attempt at keeping music a thriving way to live.


I perform because I am compelled to. Music is my cure. I've been a singer songwriter troubadour since the mid '70’s. I have seen the complete transformation of what being a professional musician is today, it used to be much easier to get paid. I can’t help it, I still have to get out and perform since it’s my elixir to life. And I want to try and help find a way to teach the value of paying for music.

What should we read?

“On Such A Full Sea” by Chang-Rae Lee