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Ben Douglas

“All life really is - is an ever-changing philosophy on how to live it. ”


Danang, Viet Nam

Professional title:

Retired from "professional" life 3 years ago now. Currently Living in Vietnam & Making songs - in the genre of "Storybook-Electro-Folk" also; Running a Kombucha business, Painting, Writing Essays , Playing sport , Reading Philosophy , Single Daddy-ing.

What do you do?

I try to make sense of this situation through activities, relationships & introspection.


i realised i was living on a very surface level years ago - a life of distraction / conformity / fear etc. So trying to change that but realise its a long process. On some level i like being useful to people i care about - even if its just talking about issues or ideas others won't.

What should we read?

Old Yeller - Fred Gibson. Danny the Champion of the world - Roald Dahl