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India Flint

“The time is always now, everything we need is here and everything will be beautiful in the end are my guiding precepts.”


Mount Pleasant , South Australia , Australia

Professional title:

Freelance botanical alchemist, maker of costumes for living, author and workshop leader. I work independently, creating retreats and masterclasses in which participants discover the poetry of plants, paper and cloth and through exploring those, find deeper knowledge of themselves.

What do you do?

I coax poetry into cloth from leaves and flowers, the earth is my printing plate and time is the press.


I'm in love with the intimacy of connecting deeply with place and with wearing clothes that have been imbued with the essence of locality by being dyed with plants. and it gives me great joy to share this 'way of being' with others.

What should we read?

World Enough and Time by Christian McEwen : about slowing down and being in the moment