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Morgan Wattiez

“Make sure your worst enemy doesn't live between your two ears. Laird Hamilton”


Anderlecht, Brussels, Belgium

Professional title:

Freelance Cloud/DevOps Engineer

What do you do?

I solve problems with simple hacks and automation. I help people and share knowledge and stories. I draw things and try to improve whatever I can with my limited time and knowledge and my observations and by slowing down to do things the way I want with as much time I need.


I've always been into this since I was a kid. The Internet was the first place where I, being an introvert, dared to put out my ideas and connect with communities. The experience I've accumulated from various jobs, hobbies, life, and parenting has given me the confidence to contribute on a different level and to share and act more boldly.

What should we read?

I think too much: How to channel intrusive thoughts by Christel Petitcollin