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Toni Stuart

“So what's at the furthest point? Silence. Silence is what happens when we are so deeply open that we allow ourselves to feel emotion at its essence and most intense. All words and music and art start/stem/rise/grow from silence. All words and music and art return/dissolve/resolve into silence. If we can remember and hold this within us as we create/make/play/jam/ perform...what magic...”


Cape Town, South Africa

Professional title:

Poet, Performer & Spoken Word Educator

What do you do?

I write poems, perform poems & find creative ways to inspire young people to do the same


Poems are places of deep listening; writing is the act of listening to oneself. I believe in the power of poetry to create spaces where people can connect with themselves and each other to create powerful communities.

What should we read?

Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes