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Aditya Athalye

“Making sabbaticals work is primarily about psychology, not money.”


Panaji, Goa, India

Professional title:

Sentient Learning Machine & Human General Intelligence.

What do you do?

I "eval/apply" and "learn generously" for fun and profit.


eval/apply is my credo. To _eval_ is to think culture over strategy, humans over technology, systems over hacks, workflows over tools. To _apply_ is to Design by subtraction, engineer for simplicity, produce output iteratively, ship continuously. "Learn generously" is my favourite self-directive, which I learned at the Recurse Center. One stands on the shoulders of giants. One has received much generosity. One benefits greatly from contributions to the public commons. The dashing duo of eval/apply and learn generously pervades all that I think, teach, speak, organise, share, code, and what I am doing now.

What should we read?

Thinking in Systems by Donella Meadows