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Jeff Judge

“Spend time thinking through how you'd like to live your life and go make that happen. It's just too easy to get caught up in the momentum of every day life and lose track of things. If something is not right, don't get hung up - just move on.”


Chicago, IL United States

Professional title:

Founder, Bright

What do you do?

I build products that pass the toothbrush test (makes life better, used every day).


I build products because I love using technology to solve problems. I taught myself how to program and have been hooked ever since. I also love building teams. I'm currently working on a new product to help SaaS companies quickly understand key growth metrics by analyzing customer acquisition and recurring revenue data. These were painful things for us to understand at my last company (Signal), until we spent time building an internal dashboard - read Since then a few companies have started tackling this problem, but I think there's a lot more to be done here.

What should we read?

The Checklist Manifesto - - by Atul Gawande. I don't make checklists for everything in my life, but it's good to break things down and think through things systematically (especially if you want to share your knowledge with others).


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