Darren Beale

“A lot of people in my industry, particularly those leaning towards the geekier/engineering side, appear to be living relatively unhealthy lives, be that poor diet, lack of exercise, working too hard or having poor sleeping habits. I worry that a lot of my peers are, like I did, storing up a bunch of health problems that may come back and bite them in later life.”


Shrewsbury, England, United Kingdom

Professional title:

Owner / Manager of a software development company called Siftware (Siftware.com).

What do you do?

I specialise in removing the hassle & worry for owners or managers of existing PHP web applications; helping them keep key, possibly aging, custom web sites running, up-to-date & secure.


Frankly: I used to just like geeking out & solving people's problems. These days as I've stepped away from cutting code I enjoy the multiple challenges of running a business and building a great team whilst working with clients who value what we do.

What should we read?

Non-fiction: “Zen To Done (ZTD)” by Leo Babauta. http://zenhabits.net/zen-to-done-ztd-the-ultimate-simple-productivity-system Fiction: “Ready Player One” by Earnest Cline (it might help if you grew up in the 80s)