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Tommaso Marmo

“The right answer is a new question”


, Italy

Professional title:

Enthusiastic yet confused dreamer (sometimes as a student, sometimes as an “artist”, sometimes as a speaker)

What do you do?

I learn and I try to share what I learnt. Formally, I'm a Philosophy, International Studies and Economics student, and I'm the president of the Circonferenze Festival, in Sanremo, Italy. My life's purpose is knowing and meeting and be friend with all of the people in the world.


I feel sharing knowledge and emotions makes the world a better place, so I do it as much as I can. Interaction with other human beings is at the root of anything great.

What should we read?

All Sherlock Holmes (the books, of course) Santa Maradona (a 2001 movie by Marco Ponti) All of Wes Anderson's movies