Manny Vallarino

“Excitement is often more rational than reason itself! Whenever I have followed my excitement, things have worked out (even if things got hard at first) and my life has improved. Whenever I've ignored my excitement and done the "rational" thing instead, even if things felt easier at first, I quickly began to feel stuck, and my life got worse. So, follow your excitement! It knows things you may not. Also, here are three quotes I like: "Amor fati (love of fate)," from Friedrich Nietzsche. "Forward and up!" from the Alexander Technique. And, "If it happened on the internet, it didn't happen," from John Mayer.”


Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Professional title:

Creative Accountant

What do you do?

Contribute to the creative industries at the intersection of commerce and creativity.


I want to create, and I also want to help others create. I want to create because creativity gives me a source of meaning, connects me to my true self, and can enrich someone else's inner life. I help others create via my work in commerce because had my creative heroes not had any help along the way, they wouldn't have been able to enrich my own inner life.

What should we read?

When the Body Says No by Dr. Gabor Maté