Emeric Damian

“Your way is the way, and it's the only way it can be. Those words, that message, I've come to see as a necessity for anyone who is sincerely seeking the to live their own life, to really live. Paradoxes, subjective experiences, these must be explored and known individually as they are the way in, no path, yet a path, no way, yet a way.”


Foz do Lizandro, Portugal

Professional title:

Writer & Explorer Of The Unknown. Private Consult & Coach

What do you do?

I help people seek the truth in their own wisdom, inner knowing, and their unique way.


For the love of beauty, for love and beauty, and because I have touched wonders that many people haven't, I am able to see something within each individual that they haven't seen in themselves, or if they have, it was a simple glimmer wishing to reveal the radiance of the mystique they truly are. When alone, I seek to be and become without my identity obstructing what is, just to enjoy existing while I do, that is my greatest pleasure, though there are many.

What should we read?

Sleep Walker In A Fog, by Tatyana Tolstaya, is one of my favorite surrealist works of fiction. Masterful... Timeloop, by Eric Wago... A newer book that goes into explaining, theoretically, how ESP, Precognition, and other PSI phenomena might work through Retrocausation, information traveling from the future to our present time. Fascinating...