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Anders Björk

“We are all entering this world with around 4000 weeks on our hands. Making as much money as possible during that time is a stupid purpose. Instead, the real treasure lies in the experiences we gather, the relationships we nurture, and the growth we experience both personally and spiritually. Life's richness cannot be measured in currency but in the moments that take our breath away, the laughter that fills our homes, and the love that warms our hearts. It's about finding passion in what we do and purpose in who we are, contributing to the world in meaningful ways, and leaving a legacy of kindness and wisdom. As we navigate through our limited weeks, let's make each one count by focusing on what truly matters, fostering deep connections, pursuing genuine happiness, and making a positive impact on those around us and the environment we inhabit.”


Gothenburg, Västra Götaland, Sweden

Professional title:

Solopreneur and senior UX designer

What do you do?

I design engaging user experiences, create and manage content, and explore creative storytelling.


I enjoy creating really good user experiences, but I also enjoy free time and less stress. This is where my audiobooks and travel websites come in handy, providing a (sort of) passive income, reducing my reliance on active, client-based work.

What should we read?

4000 weeks by Oliver Burkeman 4 hour work week by Tim Ferriss