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Zain Husain

“I love science and I love marketing. Why don't I look at marketing scholarly articles to help inform me better? I also want to become a CMO at some point, so why wait to become one and start thinking like one now! Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Helps keep me grounded when I feel I am working with someone who is on the opposite side.”


Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

Professional title:

Digital marketing manager (enterprise) Astronomy writer Self-improvement connoisseur Rock climber Photographer

What do you do?

I help communicate value for large corporations.


I want to help companies focus on solving problems for customers, and to stop pushing promo sales as the main source.

What should we read?

Ego is the enemy by Ryan Holiday. It's my favorite audiobook. It helps me center myself when I feel like I am veering off the path or feel like I'm losing control.