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Grant Weherley

“(I try to have these daily, here's yesterdays). Success is outcome independent. The way most people psychologically reward or punish themselves for things is based on the *outcome* of their actions, which is always somewhat random and outside our control. Real success is doing the right things, for the right reasons, as best as you matter what the outcome is.”


Medellin, Colombia

Professional title:

Host of the Monetize Your Expertise Podcast

What do you do?

I help people build, launch, and scale online courses


I love learning and experiencing, and so I started a location independent business specifically focused on learning-related products! I sort of see it as getting paid to learn, while also taking part to help shape the massive educational reform which is underway, and sorely needed :-)

What should we read?

SO MANY. I'll go with “The End of Jobs” because it's a good one and I just had Taylor on my podcast last week :-)