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Luisa Baltazar

“Live life's opportunities to it's fullest! By living fully you will learn more. And by learning more you’ll have a full life. And the cycle will feed itself.”


Lisboa, Portugal

Professional title:

A Mentor. A multi-business Founder. A Senior Consultant. A Mother of 2. A Human in progress.

What do you do?

An everyday makes business and results happen person, either as a Senior Consultant, a Founder or as a Mentor.


I am happy to consider myself a natural born communicator in constant search for the paths that may take my curiosity from knowledge to wisdom. Add this to a never ending drive to learn and to return and give back and inevitably anything I do always ends up related to taking KNOWLEDGE INTO ACTION. And then sharing it.

What should we read?

The power of Onlyness by Nilofer Merchant