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Jill Woodworth

“It's not where you've been or where you're going, it's where you are NOW and are you HERE NOW?”


Rutland, MA United States

Professional title:

Life coach. of.....well, me. Shepherd of myself, and my children, and well, the disenfranchised, disabled, distraught, disturbed and any one that's ever been dissed!

What do you do?

I take myself too seriously. That is what I do. I'm on a path to stop doing that, letting the awareness gained in the moment become my new NOW.


I do what I do due for plenty of it childhood trauma, genetic predisposition, karmic entanglement, it all has led me to one place and that is right here and now and knowing this is all that we have and all that matters.

What should we read?

The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss, My life with Terrence McKenna by Dennis McKenna


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