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Jill Woodworth

“Unless we stop trying to uplevel the message into dogma, aren't we just larping from lifetime to lifetime?”


Rutland, Massachusetts, United States of America

Professional title:

Team Ambassador, Marine Corp Marathon-TS Alliance, Dependent Adult Transition Resource Coordinator-MA, Freelance Writer/Blogger, Caregiver, Podcaster.

What do you do?

Somehow, raising awareness and funding to find a cure for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex has become a huge part of what I do. What else is there? I've spend 22 years invested in the complexities and challenges of understanding how to give these offspring their best chance in life. In the meantime, it's become a calling. Running and writing are vehicles to spread the message, any message really but particularly sharing the revelations of the path and process.


I do what I do due for plenty of it childhood trauma, genetic predisposition, karmic entanglement, it all has led me to one place and that is right here and now and knowing this is all that we have and all that matters.

What should we read?

The Road Out, Musings of a Southern Wanderlust, by Ginger M. Sullivan