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Anna Sircova

“It is very interesting to draw with your left hand (if you're right handed) - different approach to space and movement, since you can't really control them as well as with your dominant arm, the material you use tends to take charge of you and you become much more free in your expressions.”


Copenhagen, Denmark

Professional title:

Independent researcher, External Lecturer, PhD in Psychology, Co-Founder of International Time Perspective Network, Founder and owner of Creative Time Studio, Editor at Time Talks, Photographer

What do you do?

I bring together theories on psychology of time and creativity and develop interventions that fuel the innovative processes and change.


I realized that abstract science is not my cup of tea, especially the way science is done these days, so I would like to bring to life the abstract science of time research in a playful way so that it would give me and others joy and fulfillment. I am also curious about many different things and I like to mix and match.

What should we read?

Syllabus: Notes from Accidental Professor by Lynda Barry