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Edward Panas

“I've found my passion in speaking and performing but I don't want to do it for money necessarily. I will continue to improve in these areas, but I am focusing on coding and marketing skills for my professional trade. Computer guru by day, comedian by night. =)”


Sarasota, FL United States

Professional title:

Digital Marketer, Professional Trainer and Speaker, Web Developer in training.

What do you do?

My primary focus for 2017 is trying new activities that I have been afraid to attempt, provide value to my community, and will require me to acquire or hone a new skill.


I am currently exploring several areas in digital media and marketing. I teach coding to kids and people in recovery because its where I can add the most value using the fewest resources. I am preparing to launch two podcasts, one I will host and one I will produce. [update early May 2017] - I have been taking online comedy writing classes and registered for my first improv class in June. [update June 2017] - improving coding skills with Harvard CS50 and Free Code Camp. Also starting improv classes this month for fun.

What should we read?

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss


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