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Edward Panas

“I don't really care about my career. I just turned 48 and am in the process of changing jobs. While updating my resume I realized that I really DON'T CARE about shaping my career anymore. Now I just want to work hard, continue to learn, and contribute where I can - completely detached from my ego.”


Sarasota, FL United States

Professional title:

Developer • Marketer • Designer

What do you do?

I add value to organizations (work, charities, clubs, and personal) by leveraging my abilities with web-based tech and business experience developed over the past 25 years.


I love the power that the Internet can provide in leveling the playing field in business and in life. Using nothing by free tools and resources I could build an entire business platform on the web. Add $1,000 to the annual budget of zero and you can pour some serious gas on that fire. I love doing this for myself and I love helping other people achieve their goals by sharing what I know.

What should we read?

Awaken Your Alpha by Adam Lewis Walker


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