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Lenz Gschwendtner

“Changing someones live is as easy as working with them and showing them a few tricks on how to think along new lines. That, in return, helps me find new lines to think along. Teaching is learning is teaching.”


Saint Arnaud, Nelson New Zealand

Professional title:

Co-founder iwantmyname, co-founder springtimesoft, hacker, punk, mentor.

What do you do?

I work with people to build the world I want to live in. I do that by mentoring, building good products and listening to people.


I believe in leading by example, I am a happy person and hope to make the people around me happier through that. I work with people so that they can be happier and multiply happiness through independence and positive thinking.

What should we read?

Hard one, I currently read "Value Proposition Design" and really like it. "Antifragile" is one of the books I keep going back to.